Research of Interest

Topic: General Overview of Cancer-Associated Oral Complications

Epstein JB, Thariat J, Bensadoun RJ, et al. Oral complications of cancer and cancer therapy: from cancer treatment to survivorship. CA Cancer J Clin. 2012:62(6):400-422.

This comprehensive paper presents a thorough review of a variety of oral health issues cancer patients and survivors face from the initial courses of treatment and through the remainder of their lives.  Oral health concerns for a variety of cancer types are explained with a strong emphasis on complications affecting the oral cavity and head and neck.

Topic: Oral Mucositis

Sonis S. Oral mucositis in cancer therapy. Support Oncol. 2004:2(6 suppl 3):3-8.

This now-classic article introduces Dr. Sonis’ five-phase model of the pathobiology of oral mucositis and the complex interactions that occur in response to tissue insult from this frequently occurring toxicity in patients with cancer.

Topic: Oral Cancer Screening for the Dental Professional

Abbott DM. Oral cancer v.2.105: screening for the disease during an era of personalized care. RDH Magazine. 2015:35(3):

This article sheds new light on the importance of screening for oral cancer through the essential comprehensive head and neck examination in the dental office in this new era of personalized medicine.  Topics such as HPV, risk factors, and new genetic-based salivary diagnostics are discussed so the more-informed dental professional can provide an improved head and neck examination.