The AADO Mission

American Academy of Dental Oncology exists to provide ongoing education in dental oncology among dental and medical professionals, to raise awareness of the unique oral health care needs of individuals battling cancer among healthcare professionals and the general public, and to develop a trusted network of healthcare professionals committed to quality care to improve oral health, overall well-being, and quality of life to people with cancer and cancer survivors.

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History of American Academy of Dental Oncology

Founded in 2014, AADO is committed to delivering education and awareness for professionals striving to provide the highest level of comprehensive care for their oncology patients and survivors.

As cancer care continues to become more personalized, targeted and accessible, oral health professionals must be ready to meet the unique oral-systemic needs of patients in their communities. Collaborative efforts between medical and dental professionals is at the heart of AADO and the emerging standard for dentistry and wellness programs everywhere.

AADO is committed to providing oral health professionals with a continuing dental oncology education continuum that can be scaled to the specific needs of the attendee in his or her practice. The program covers primary dental care for oncology patients including xerostomia, mucositis, trismus, immunosuppressive oral conditions due to primary cancer treatment, medically related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ), and osteoradionecrosis (ORN). Other topics and foci of study include patient communication and specific outreach strategies for oral health professionals in the medical community as well as financial planning courses for implementing a dental oncology business model into the dental practice.

Dental Oncology has long been only an academically researched and implemented program in larger hospitals and oncology-based medical facilities for decades. Our Founder, Dr. Dennis M. Abbott has drawn from his extensive oral medicine and oncology-based experience to formulate AADO’s platform of providing clinical education and training to healthcare professionals.

AADO is dedicated to addressing the oral-systemic needs of patients with cancer and providing a premier network of professionals ready to take the charge of the new standard in oral healthcare.